Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga?

Yoga is derived from sanskrit word "Yuj Dhatu" which means union. First physically, then mentally and atlast with self. In this stage, one is away from physical and mental body.

There are lots of references to Yoga in Hindu scriptures, especially in the Gita, the Upanishads and other Puranas.

Yoga As Therapy

  1. Teaches concept of diseases and principles of yogic treatment for common ailments.
  2. Cultivation of correct psychological attitude.
  3. Reconditioning of the psycho-physiological mechanism.
  4. Yoga helps in bringing awareness towards our physical body.
  5. The mind which always remains busy in the materialistic things, is never calm even for a single second. Yoga, thus helps in relaxing that mind and thereby becoming aware towards this mind.
  6. With the help of yoga, one comes to know about his real self.
  7. Yoga helps in becoming physically, mentally, socially and spiritually healthy and strong.
  8. Doing Asanas helps to tone and strengthen our muscles and also removes stiffness from the body. Also,circulation process improoves in our body, as well as excess fat from our body gets removed.
  9. Doing Pranayama helps to bring balance between our left and right nostril which prepares us for meditation-calm and relaxed mind. Apart,from this also helps to cure diseases if done in proper proportion.

Panch Auras

Each and every human being in this world has aura around him which is not stable. It keeps on changing according to ones nature.According to the mood of ones nature, this aura keeps on changing from time to time.Generally, normal human being tends to stay only in first 3 auras.But with the help of Yoga,this aura starts moving to upper level.

Yoga helps in moving towards higher aspects and also helps in making ones nature sattvic as well as acquiring positive thinking.

Panch Pranas

The human body is composed of five types of pranas.Each and every type of prana has its special function.Yoga,thus helps in bringing balance between these panch pranas(Prana, Apana, Udana, Vyana, Samana).

  • Prana: The vital force responsible for bringing in the energy in form of Oxygen,nutrients and water from outside is known as Prana.
  • Samana: This is a process of digestion used fro converting that energy into a suitable form.The vital force which carries out the activity of digestion, is known as Samana.
  • Vyana: This transportation of energy to each and every part of the human body is under the charge of Vyana and its area of activity covers the whole body.
  • Apana: The vital force responsible for expelling unwanted waste matter out of the body is known as Apana and its area of activity is within the abdomen below the level of umbilicus.
  • Udana: There is a continuous effort in the body-mind complex to excel itself through the subtle level of functions which includes expressions and communications and the vital force responsible for this activity is known as Udana. Its area of activity is the head and neck.

Here, with the help of Pranayama, we bring balance between Ida and Pingla nadi.Therby, letting our pranas to flow through Sushumna nadi which is very important for keeping our mind away from negative thoughts and also making it stable. Thus, helps in leading a calm and peaceful life.


Reiki is a natural healing technique for all body parts.

All over the world, there have been significant results found in Reiki.In reiki, by concentrating on our seven chakras, we first open our lower five chakras which have different-2 energies associated with them. Each of the below five chakras is composed of one of the panch mahabhutas. Energy in Muladhara chakra has Earth element inside it, Swadishthana has Water, Manipura has Fire, Anahata has Air and Vishuddha has Sky.

By openning all these five chakras, we open five energy channels in our body and thus, our physical body becomes strong.

Concentrating on Ajna Chakra makes our mind stable and keeps it in our control. Also, helps in opening our Sixth Sense.

Vat Pit Kaf

Ayurveda is a hundred percent natural science. The causes of illness are spiritual factors when you loose faith in the divine presence, internal factor like liquids and food substances we consume and external factors like lifestyles or seasons. The major cause of disease is imbalance like poor digestion and low immunity. When our body is unable to digest the food we eat, it remains in the body. The essential nutrients in the body are not absorbed and the food starts decaying. This decaying food releases toxins cause diseases in the body. Thus, good digestion is the most important factor that influences your health.

According to Ayurveda all life forms are made from three energy elements namely Vayu or Vat i.e. air, Pitt is fire and Kapha or water. When all the three elements vat, pitt and kapha are balanced a person is healthy and when not, he is ill. The imbalance of one or more of these elements causes all disorders. Every person's constitution or Dosha has one or more of these elements. A vayu dosha (air constitution) has a bony, thin constitution with drying skin, constipation and gas. The mental state of such persons is nervous and anxious.

The persons with the fire constitution or pit dosha, Ayurveda says these are strong, good leaders, goal oriented and are warm in nature. In case they have the imbalance in the pitt dosha they are impatient and hot tempered. The physical symptoms are rashes, acne, liver, kidney, heart and spleen diseases. The kapha dosha or water constitution persons are loyal, calm and strong. When they have imbalance in the kapha dosha they become lethargic with a greedy nature. Their physical problems may range from overweight, congestion, kidney or heart problems etc.