Yoga For Beginners

Before starting for Yoga, one should learn its few basic tips. So, first let us discuss basic tips : Learn the meaning of Yoga : You might have seen frequently or listened that I cannot do Yoga. Why? Because I cannot touch my toes or foot. Then, let me clear this that Yoga is not about touching the toes or foot. Yoga is something different. It is about reaching somewhere deep within you. It is about knowing you: Who am I?

Ofcourse, there might be many person whose bodies are flexible and can touch any part of their body from anywhere. Don't worry, we can also. But it doesn't mean that if you cannot touch toes or foot, you cannot do Yoga.

Yoga is meant for all the age groups. As Yoga is not merely doing Asanas or Pranayama, so person of any age group can go for Yoga.

  1. Wake up early in the morning: It is best advisable to practice yoga at the time of sunrise. So, one should develop a habit of getting up early in the morning to achieve its better results.
  2. Develop Daily Habit Of Practice: Before going for Yoga, one should make a mind for the regular practice. There should not be any excuses for the delay. One must be consistent for the practice of Yoga daily.
  3. Should not let down the motivation: You might have heard frequently from the persons practicing Yoga i cannot do asanas very well as others can do as my body doesn't allows me. And to do yoga, I say you one should not have this negative thinking. You should say I can do if not today then tomorrow.
  4. "Slow and steady wins the race."
  5. Focus on breath : While practicing Yoga, focus your attention on ingoing and outgoing breath. And don't play with the Asanas or Pranayama.
  6. Learn under the guidance of teacher: It is advisable for the beginners to start practicing Yoga under the guidance of a teacher. As practicing yoga postures or Pranayama without having any knowledge can be dangerous for you.
  7. "You can gain enough knowledge from the books or internet. But books or internet cannot impart you the practical knowledge. And to gain this practical knowledge, you should contact any experienced person to gain proper knowledge. Because Little knowledge is always dangerous thing."
  8. Consult a doctor: Before starting your Yoga practices, it is better to consult a doctor if you suffer from any diseases.Also, you should inform your Yoga consultant about your medication sufferings so that the teacher can take care of your Yoga poses.
  9. Light Stomach: Before starting yoga, your stomach should be empty. Better to have your meals 3-4 hrs prior to practice.
  10. Keep smiling: Notice the changes in you. Practicing yoga with a smile and without smile. Smile relaxes your whole body and mind even your body is paining while doing any yoga pose. So, remember your one smile takes you miles away from stress.
  11. Don't be in a hurry to complete: Never be in a hurry to complete Yoga. Do as much as you can but in a proper way. And always in the end relax for a while and lie down for few minutes to relax your entire body. With regular and consistent practice, you will be able to feel the subtler change within you.

We at our center focus on these very things for the beginners. As it is said that "Yoga practice can cure lot of diseases if done in a proper way else can give rise to many diseases if not done properly."

We have Happiness programs, Yoga for children, Yoga for teenagers and some other programs for the beginners.