Why Om Yoga?

Om Yoga International Center is a govt recognised center where we provide different yoga courses with certificate approved from govt of India and World Yoga Alliance.

The student undergoing training at our center will be given multiple benefits:
  • Provided with the certificate that is valid all over the world and hence, can teach yoga in any part of the world without any restrictions.
  • Becomes an Internationally Recognised Yoga Teacher.
  • Will be provided with the lifetime membership by our center free of cost and can undergo regular classes of Yoga free of cost once undergoing any TTC course.
  • If any student wishes to join with us and want to do job at our center in any department, our center also provides facilities to such students and will be given salary based on their work.
  • Also, provide Vissa facilities for NRIs. Here, Terms and conditions apply.
  • Also, our center provides packages for our students if they wish to visit Indias some recognised and serene and beautiful places. In this, package regular classes of yoga also included.
  • We also provide full packages for NRIs for their whole visit to India ranging from Air Tickets, Accomodation, Food Yoga Courses, Sight-seeing to others.
  • Any seminars, workshops or Yoga Camps held by our center at any place will be free of cost for our students.
Some other specialties of our center are as follows:
  • Any Yoga courses taught at our center are taught from Yogic science point of view. Each and every thing is practically proved with the proper consultation with doctors and other authorized teachers. We teach from point of Yoga Anatomy. As we lay emphasis and explain each and every body movement taking place in any Asana, Pranayama, Breathing movements, Meditation etc.
  • We have well-organised team at our center from each and every field : allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic doctors, Panch Karmas, Yoga Anatomy Teachers, Sceince Teachers, Dance Teachers, Language Teachers who are constantly working on Yoga and Together researching on different new things on Yoga and exploring the different new things in combination with Yoga at our center.
  • We also conduct seminars in which we invite many reputed and well-known Yoga Teachers, Doctors from each and every field.. From which we take up new-2 ideas and connect it with Yoga and adopt different methodologies at our center.

Even if any one of you who is reading this page has any idea for Yoga, and would like to share with us, we would highly appreciate this. You may send your ideas to us at info@omyogaindia.org.