Types of Yoga

Yoga is broadly divided in to two groups viz, Bhavana yoga( Yoga of Psychological attitude) and Prana samyamana yoga which is also called as Kundalini yoga( ( yoga of Psycho-physiological control or controlling the through pranic impulses.

In Bhavana yoga our attitude is important, according to our innate nature /attitude we take particular method to be followed , so, it's main branches/streams are:

  • BHAKTI Yoga( Yoga of Devotion).
  • KARMA Yoga( Yoga of Skillful action).
  • JNANA Yoga( Yoga of Knowledge) and.
  • RAJA Yoga( Royal path of yoga).

In Prana samyamana yoga or Kundalini yoga one tries to control his mental activities by controlling the pranic impulses and the branches of Kundalini yoga are HATHA yoga , ASHTANGA yoga etc,. where one practices proper life style and diet, Asanas, Pranayamas and the Meditation. However Swamy vivekananda called the Patanjali;s Ashtanga yoga as Raja yoga which integrates all kinds of yoga.