What people are saying

"I have completed my 200hr Teacher Training program here in the month of April2014. And, I really feel the change in me. At the end of this course, I could see that I don’t get angry easily which I use to get before. Also, before coming here, I thought Yoga as only a physical exercise which most of us think. But now I have leant and experienced that its much more…It goes beyond physical fitness to deep within us…It is an answer to all our questions. I thanks the teacher of here that they cooperated with me in all the respects…Their way of teaching was also excellent and I would like to come here again for the further courses as well."

Yuki Miyata, Hyogo, Japan

"I have completed my 200hr Teacher Training here in the month of July2014. Before here, I had attended the classes of Yoga in Rishikesh. But, the teacher who taught me Yoga there disheartened me morally. I did not got any help from there. But, as now I have completed my course here, I could see that how nicely the teachers have cooperated with me and supported me morally. They helped me to gain self- confidence and also helped me in each and every step which I was unable to follow..And the result is that Asanas which I was unable to do in the beginning, now I can do them very easily and much better. I would like to thanks the team of Om yoga Center for making me feel comfortable here…And, it will be my immense pleasure to come here and attend the further courses once again.."

Ayaka Uozumi, Giffu, Japan

"I have completed my 200hr Teacher Training program here in the month of July2014. By profession, I am a cook and I didn’t knew anything about Yoga before coming here. But, now after completion of 1 and half month course, I have gained much knowledge on Yoga. I felt extremely good after completing the course..And, now I want to make my profession as Yoga only and want to come here further for the advance course… All thanks to the team of Om Yoga center.."

Kosuke Sawabe, Ishikawa, Japan

"I have completed my 200hr Teacher Training program here in the month of Sept2014. Doing course in Om Yoga Center was a nice experience.. I felt many changes in my life..I gained positivity, self-confidence, feeling of doing something social and servicing others… My body stays healthy and mind calm…I stay happier..I have learnt to face the opposite situations in my life very easily..I liked the serene and calmfull atmosphere of center and feel like staying here forever. And also would like to go for the further courses from Om Yoga Center only.. As my English language is weak, that problem stayed a little but still the teachers at center cooperated with me and helped me to understand everything by giving me extra time….I thanks the team of Om Yoga Center.."

Divyanand Saraswati, Haridwar, India

"I am very happy with Om Yoga Center and very satisfied with the Teacher Training course of this center…I like the teachers of center…They are very polite, friendly and create a atmosphere in the class that the student feels comfortable and doesn’t feel shy in speaking or asking anything from them…And its my desire to continue the further courses here..."

Prabha Niraula, Haridwar, India

"I have completed y 200hr Basic Teacher Training program here. Firstly, the course(200hrs level Yoga teacher training) was excellent for me. Because before this course, I didn’t knew the proper meaning of Yoga. But after doing this course, I knew about Yoga & its benefits. From this course, I got many things like how to remove impurities from this mind, negative qualities and how to balance my physical and mental body and learn how to be a good Yoga Teacher. I would like to thanks Radhika Sir for their proper way of teaching and guidance."

Prakash Kumar Gochhi,
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