Spiritual Experience

  • Discovering the purpose of your life and desires.
  • Understanding doing what you get what
  • Knowing how can one become happy, attain peace and bliss. And from where do we get this peace and bliss and also where do they reside? What is their own true nature?
  • What do we get from spirituality? Why should one go on this path and how much important is this for your life?
  • What sort of life is of spiritual person and of not spiritual person?

All the above mentioned are included in our course and teached in theory and practical classes.

Knowledge of all above mentioned points is extremely important. Each and every person desires to stay happy, peacefully and bliss. But, we donot have the desire to know from where we can get all this!

When we start understanding all this, then we will come to know this all is in us only. And this is our true nature of soul.

Understanding true nature of soul is spirituality. Experience of self is spiritual experience and in self we are soul.

That's why, spirituality is important in our life. Spiritual is not any cast or religion. It is Secularism. The target of Spirituality is self-realization.

We, with the help of Yoga theory and practical class teach Asanas for physical fitness and Pranayama, Meditation techniques, Kundalini Yoga, Ashatanga and Hatha Yog, Bandha and Mudras, Beej Mantras for mental and Spiritual growth.