500 Hours Teacher Training

RSY500 course is certified from World Yoga Alliance which is certified by Govt of India and also is Internationally recognized..So, after completion of course, certificate issued from World Yoga Alliance is issued to the student which is valid all over the world and after gaining which the student is recognized as an International Yoga Teacher.


Yoga Teacher Training Duration-12 to 16 weeks, Matter Of Study: Yoga Teacher Training- 500 hr Level-2 Advanced Course(RTY500) Method, Principle, Sequencing, Adjusting, Benefits and Cautions Of

  1. Asana practice and philosophy(Series I to V): Based on Ashtanga& Hatha Yoga
  2. Pranayama(breathing techniques)(Series I to V): Based on Ashtanga& Hatha Yoga
  3. Mudras and Bandhas(Yogic Locks): Base Hatha yoga
  4. Advanced Yogic and Meditation Techniques like Shakti Kriya, YogNidra(I,II), Cyclic Meditation(I,II), Vippassana Meditation(I,II), Nada Anusandhan(I,II), PranicEnergization(Kundalini Yoga) Technique, Yoga Therapy Technique, Physical and Mental Healing, Kriya Yoga, NadiShodhan Technique.
  5. Cleansing Processes: Neti, Trataka, Nauli, Kapalbhati, Bhasti, Dhauti: Base Hatha Yoga
  6. Teaching Practice: Varies from person to person
  7. Basic Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Anatomy, nutrition and the yogic diet
  8. Yoga Anatomy(Physical, Mental and Spiritual benefits of Yoga).
  9. Physiology Of Yogic Practice
  10. Teaching Methodology of different styles of Yoga: PatanjaliAshtanga, Traditional and Classicial hatha, Vinayasa, Shivananda and Mysore Style, Power yoga etc.
  11. Introduction and Theory class for Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga includes:
    • Mantra Recitation
    • What is Yoga?
    • Description to different types of Yoga like Jnana Yoga, karma Yoga, Bhakti yoga, SankhyaYog, Raja Yog, KriyaYog, Kundalini Yoga,
    • Seven Chakras, Five Elements, Five Auras, Five Pranas, Five Afflictions,
    • Vatt, Pitt and Kaff Balancing.
    • Introduction to Nerve System of Body, Sense Organs, Sixth Sense.
    • Different types of bodies, Three Gunas
    • 6 ways of gaining knowledge
    • Yoga for Pregnancy, Yoga for Children, Yoga for Oldage, Yoga for Family Relationships, Yoga for Spiritual Experiences, Happiness Program
    • Things That one should focus on while doing Asanas and Breathing Exercise