300 Hours Teacher Training


Below mentioned is the syllabus for 300hr course. Method, Principle, Sequencing, Adjusting, Benefits and Cautions Of

  1. Asana practice and philosophy(Series I to VI): Based on Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga
  2. Pranayama(breathing techniques)(Series I to VI): Based on Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga
  3. Mudras and Bandhas(Yogic Locks): Base Hatha yoga
  4. Advanced Yogic and Meditation Techniques like Shakti Kriya, Yog Nidra(I,II), Cyclic Meditation(I,II), Vippassana Meditation(I,II), Nada Anusandhan(I,II), Pranic Energization(Kundalini Yoga) Technique, Yoga Therapy Technique, Physical and Mental Healing, Kriya Yoga, Nadi Shodhan Technique.
  5. Cleansing Processes: Neti, Trataka, Nauli, Kapalbhati, Bhasti, Dhauti: Base Hatha Yoga
  6. Teaching Practice: Varies from person to person
  7. Basic Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Anatomy, nutrition and the yogic diet
  8. Yoga Anatomy(Physical, Mental and Spiritual benefits of Yoga).
  9. Human Body Anatomy(E.g How pranas enter our body and how O2 is formed, How digestion takes place inside etc.
  10. Physiology Of Yogic Practice
  11. Teaching Methodology of different styles of Yoga: Patanjali Ashtanga, Traditional and Classicial hatha, Vinayasa, Shivananda and Mysore Style, Power yoga etc.
  12. Introduction and Theory class for Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga includes:
    • Mantra Recitation
    • What is Yoga?
    • Description to different types of Yoga like Jnana Yoga, karma Yoga, Bhakti yoga, Sankhya Yog, Raja Yog, Kriya Yog, Kundalini Yoga,
    • Seven Chakras, Five Elements, Five Auras, Five Pranas, Five Afflictions,
    • Vatt, Pitt and Kaff Balancing and its detail.
    • Introduction to Nerve System of Body, Sense Organs, Sixth Sense.
    • Different types of bodies, Three Gunas
    • 6 ways of gaining knowledge
    • Yoga for Pregnancy, Yoga for Children, Yoga for Oldage, Yoga for Family Relationships, Yoga for Spiritual Experiences, Happiness Program
    • Things That one should focus on while doing Asanas and Breathing Exercise

Teacher Training Course Required Understanding:

  • General Principles on Yoga
  • Basic Integrated Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga
  • The beginners course
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Benefits, Limitations and contraindications of Asanas
  • How to correct Surya Namaskar
  • How to correct standing, seated, twisting asanas, Supine and prone series, shoulder stand, Head stand
  • How to correct Breathing Exercises, Bandhas, Mudras
  • Meditation techniques
  • Teaching groups- practice teaching
  • Variations : Shoulder stand, Forward, Backward bending, Balancing
  • How to adjust students as a teacher
  • The basis of Integrated Yoga Therapy
  • The concept of disease in yoga and principles of yogic treatment
  • Cultivation of correct psychological attitudes
  • Reconditioning of the psycho- physiological mechanism
  • Yogic therapeutic procedures including diet and life-style
  • Dhyana as a great tranquilizer
  • Yoga for common ailments
  • Way of Speaking, body-language, facial gestures
  • Concept of what a teacher is teaching should be thoroughly clear
  • Mentality of a Yoga Teacher
  • Relationship of a teacher and student
  • Physical and mental state of a teacher
Schedule For RSY300(60days training)

Starting from 10th Feb 2015(Tuesday):

  • Course ends on 21st April(5hrs per day, 60days, 12weeks)
  • Course ends on 9th April(7hrs per day, 45days, 10weeks)
  • Starting from 5thFeb 2015(Thursday):

    • Course ends on 11th April(5hrs per day, 60days, 11weeks)

    • Course ends on 30th March(7hrs per day, 45days, 9weeks)

    Note: Difference of 1hr will be in theory class. In 60days period, theory class will be of 1hrs and practical class of 4hrs. And in 45days, theory class will be of 2.5hrs, and practical class of 4.5sshrs.