Reiki- Level I

Total Hours For Completion: 12 to 18 hrs. In 4 days, 1 class of 3hrs each. Total 4 classes.

Person of any age group disregard of religion,gender,age can practise it. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner all facilities will be provided by Reiki master. Any Illegal activities like smoking,drinking,eating non-veg etc. is not allowed.

In this, we teach:
  • What Is Reiki?
  • How it is done?
  • Which treatments are done using this?
  • How to open the chakras?
  • Beej Mantras of Chakras.
  • How to heal ourself, Hand Position while healing.
  • Benefits Of Chakras Cleansing.
  • How to practise it for 21 days?