Personality Development

Re-discover Our Charismatic Presence Have you ever noticed when a small child enters the room, how he fascinates everyone sitting their with his presence without speaking anything. Everything happens naturally. The child does not have to make any effort. We communicate more by our presence than our words. But as we grow up somehow this natural beauty in us weakens up as innumerable impressions of our past experiences and compassion for our future accumulates and clogs our mind.

Then, how should we restore this naturalness in our lives? This is possible through through yet some special breathing techniques like Shakti Kriya, Pranayama, Meditation Techniques etc. All these breathing practices helps us to remove that dirt and those innumerable impressions that have clogged our mind restoring our charm and presence.

What do you think is Success? There is no person on this world who does not struggle for success. But do you think having a big bank balance and leading a luxurious live is a success? If this is success for you, just ponder over that if you felt sick, will you be able to make use of this success and will you be able to enjoy this success? Generally it is seen that many people will first spend half of their health for wealth and then their wealth for their health.

Imagine a situation when problems are not the problems for you and you have the ability to face them with an unshakeable smile. These techniques are taught here at Om yoga.

Explore the Unshakeable personality from your Internal Knowledge and books are available everywhere but what you cannot get from these books is the charismatic personality, the friendliness, the naturalness and the calm and warm atmosphere that you take along with you where ever you go.
All types of yogic practices taught here at Om yoga helps you in upliftment of that spirit from within, the creativity, the enthusiasm to do something. Also, it helps you to gain confidence in your life to face all the situations of life with an unshakeable smile.

Apart from yogic techniques, we also have social and recreational activities for personality development. These activities helps in increasing self-confidence and creativity, exploring the hidden qualities and clearing the concept of one's life, discovering the hidden thoughts from internal, vocal training and also helps in physical, mental and spiritual growth.