Our Mission

Adhyatam Anusandhan Yog Trust was founded on 29 JULY 2010 with the main aim that this organisation will work for mankind..Hence, this organization lays a great emphasis on Secularism.

The sole purpose of Trust is to spread the message of Way To Sucessfull Living through Yoga And Meditation In This Whole Wide World. In addition to this,also serving the poor,needy and downtrodden by establishing free schools,building oldage homes and orphanages etc...

Objects of the Trust:

  • To act as a Center of Excellence in Yoga and spread the message of Way To Successful Living through Yoga and Meditation.
  • To explore the science and art of yoga & promote it.
  • To provide and promote facilities for teacher training on Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga, Applied Yogic Sciences, Integrated Yoga Therapy and Yogic Sciences Research Project by providing certificates; and
  • To propagate and promote the Ayurvedic sciences and Naturopathy; and
  • Also, to set up the branches of Om Yoga Center in each and every part of India as well as other countries and affiliate them in the Cultural Department Of State University with the proper consent of the State Govt and the Central Govt.
  • Providing equal opportunities for education to people from all strata of society by providing concessions, scholarships and assistance to children from poor, needy and deserving families.
  • To establish educational programmes in rural and urban area where people of low income groups exists.
  • Establishing vocational training centres aimed at empowering men and women of weaker sections of society to become self-dependent.
  • Having programmes for linking children from poor families with sponsoring families to provide them food, clothes and financial services.
  • Undertaking social works during any natural calamities like floods, cyclones, earthquakes.
  • Providing shelter and care for mentally challenged.
  • Conducting researches on various educational programmes or any spreading diseases and guiding people of their prevention & their causes.
  • Coducting yoga , meditation and sathsang related campaigns, seminars, training programs etc. to participate in them either in or outside India.
  • Conducting eco-friendly groups and seminars for protection of our nature.
  • Spreading love and oneness among the nations.

Activities Taken Up Since Last Years To FULFILL OUR MISSION:

The following activities were taken up and successfully executed since inception till March2014.

  • Organized Yoga Camps/Yoga Training free of cost in the month of Dec2013 at Amarkantak(M.P) and Feb2013 at Haridwar, thus spreading the concept of Yoga for good health and better living,relaxed mind,relief from stress and way to sucessfull living.
  • Organized Bhandara At Amarkantak(M.P),Haridwar.
  • Sathsang was held at Amarkantak(M.P)
  • The Trust also started a Yoga Centre at Haridwar And Puri(Odisha) and is successfully running apart from conducting Yoga Camps at different locations.
  • Further,The plannings for conducting Yoga Camps At Different Schools,Colleges,Universities In India And Abroad are on the way,thus spreading the awareness of Way To Successfull Living Among The Younger Generation.
  • Held a Yoga camp and Sathsang from 22August2014 to 29August 2014 at Shukrtal, Dist. Muzzafarnagar,U.P,India.