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ADHYATMA ANUSANDHAN YOG TRUST registration number: IV-426, Haridwar-Uttarakhand(India), registered under act 1961 12A and 80G act encourages charitable deeds towards the poor and needy and also offers donors tax benefits(Exampt U/S 80G of I. Tax Act 1961 Vide Letter No. C. C. 82(71)/Kar Mukti/Hdr/2010-11/Tech dt. 8/10/10 from 30/8/2010 onwards.). Trust is also registered under FCRA for Receiving Donation from Outside India.

Our Trustees

  • Founder / President

    Sh. Radhika Sharan Ji
    Profession: Religious
    Address: Vedant Ashram,Sapt Sarovar,Haridwar(U.K),India.

  • Vice-President

    Mr. Harish Aggarwal
    Profession: Business
    Address: House No.133, Sector-7, Panchkula(Haryana), India.

  • General Secretary

    Mr. Rakesh Ratan Aggarwal
    Profession: Business
    Address: House No.47, Sector-28A, Chandigarh, India.

  • Treasurer

    Profession: Religious
    Address: House No.24, Swastik Vihar, Sector-25, Panchkula(Haryana), India.

  • Secretary

    Mr. Ram Lubhaya Aggarwal
    Profession: Business
    Address: House No.C93, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India.

Functions of Trust

Hostels are run for deprived children of all communities; drug addicted persons, abnormal people suffering from diseases etc and are making attempt to eradicate the evils through implementation of Yogic Techniques.
Are providing old age homes to who are neglected by their relatives and also those who doesn't have any family and to take care of all of them by providing them facilities in any physical, mental and medically. In other words, are taking initiative to provide the facilities to such people which a person requires at this age.
To conduct seminars at different state, national and international levels to propagate about Yoga Techniques and also researches on Yoga and its latest developments.
To create posts and employ competent persons after training and capacity building to impart qualitative yoga training to the unemployed youth of our community so as they are fit to get suitable post in various Cultural Departments of Govt. or in Private Sectors as Yoga Trainer/Yoga Instructor.
To coordinate and integrate the concepts and activities in various schools of Yoga and for that purpose coordinate with other institutions within and outside India along with establishing libraries and study centers at cities and sub-urban areas to educate community.
To undertake, aid, promote, guide and coordinate research activities in the various aspects of Yoga, particularly its preventive, protective and curative potential for health and diseases.