Happiness Programs

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What is happiness?

Soul itself is happiness. When a person involves himself in this outer world, then he gets trapped in worldly desires which makes him happy and sad. We, at Om Yoga Center with the help of Yogic techniques, Asanas and Pranayama divert our mind to this body.And, then slowly bring it to internal being i.e soul.. Now, when this mind starts becoming concentrated, it starts realizing the true nature of soul i.e bliss and when mind starts experiencing this bliss, person starts feeling it then. And then, for self-realization, we move ahead. And start becoming one with soul/self. Then, we start gaining all the qualities like love, bliss, performing social activities, servicing the people etc.. Different types of Yoga like Bhakti yog, Karma Yog, Gyanyog, AshatangaYog, Hatha Yog etc. they all target to self-realization. And this self-realization is god-realization.

We, at our center apart from Yoga have many different activities in Happiness Programs.