Om Yoga International Center, registered from Govt Of India is an international board (certified World Yoga Alliance) for Teacher Training and Yoga Education. Along with this, it is also a soothing place for those who are tired from this stressful life. At our center, we help people of all age categories to enjoy to the fullest and make them to learn to lead their life happily.


Om Yoga is an International premier Yoga education Institution. We have the highest quality of "Yoga Teacher Training Courses" and "Advanced Yoga Workshops" for our Students. The "Yoga Teacher Training Course" by the Om Yoga is a program designed for all those People who wants to be a Certified Yoga Teacher. This course is for anyone who has a desire for self-knowledge and wants to get acquainted with the yoga philosophy and real yogic techniques.

Graduates who successfully complete the program are eligible to become RTY 200 & 500 level(Registered Teacher of Yoga).And these Teachers will have their names mentioned in the International Website of World Yoga Alliance.

We offer to our students a complete knowledge of Yoga training, theoretically and practically. In our Training Programs, we lay emphasis mainly on Ashtanga Yoga along with Hatha and Power Yoga, Yoga Anatomy and Physiology, Kundalini Yoga. It includes all the important elements of yoga i.e. Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Kriyas, anatomy, Adjustment by Teacher, Mantras chanting, Advance Yogic & Meditation techniques and other traditional Yoga techniques. Along with this, we also have Personality Development Classes to develop a person not only physically but also mentally. We also organize singing and dancing programs in connection with Yoga for todays youth to help them gain healing.

Now We are running 200 hours,500 hours & 1000 hrs Teacher Training course which almost covers every area of Yoga. Our teachers having complete knowledge of yoga are giving their valuable time to show the correct theory of yoga.

At our center, we let our students practically experience the things taught in Theory Class. This helps them to understand each and every aspect and point with full clarification.

Once you successfully complete this course, you would feel an important transformation experience in your life. You will learn to start teaching with confidence, helping others learn about yoga, through your own unique experience. Also it is once opportunity to intensify your practice.

Om Yoga prepares all those yoga teachers, for the international level, who are capable of giving the knowledge of yoga and for this preparation we organize Workshops and conferences at international level that helps in increasing the knowledge bank and then they become able to teach at international level and We provide them the registration and make them certified R.T.Y. (Registered Teacher of Yoga) provided by World Yoga Alliance.

Om Yoga has full Authority to recognize our students as a Registered yoga teacher (RTY-200 & 500 Hours). After finished this Teacher Training course we will provide to our student certificate registered from World Yoga Alliance which is valid all over the India and the World. It is also a great place for those people who are in search of health, happiness, peace and harmony.