World Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh-Haridwar, India

World Yoga Alliance Certified Indian Traditional 200hr, 300hr & 500hr Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training for Beginners and Advanced Students In Rishikesh-Haridwar,India

Om Yoga International, Yoga Ashram – a registered Yoga School offers World Yoga Alliance certified Indian Traditional Style 200 hour, 300 hour & 500 hour Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga Teacher Training  at Rishikesh-Haridwar, India. The base and core of all the courses taught here touches the ancient yogic tradition led by our spiritual masters.

Focusing on real and actual aspects of ancient yogic philosophy, our programs are primarily meant for those who have deep interest in physical, mental and emotional health development as well as spiritual growth.

At our Yoga ashram, we tend to provide comfortable and relaxed, sattvic yogic lifestyle which helps the person in deep relaxation and also in carrying out their yogic activities easily and soothingly. The divine flow of holy river Ganga creates a sacred atmosphere, helping in removing out any type of stress, thereby, making the body and mind fresh automatically.

yoga teacher training center india

200hr YTTC dates 2017-18 (Rishikesh-Haridwar,India)

  • 26th April to 25th May 2017
  • 26th June to 25th July 2017
  • 26th July to 25th August 2017
  • 26th August to 24th Sept 2017
  • 25th Sept to 24th Oct 2017
  • 25th Oct to 23rd Nov 2017
  • 24th Nov to 22nd Dec 2017
  • 23rd Dec 2017 to 21st Jan 2018
  • 22nd Jan to 21st Feb 2018
  • 22nd Feb to 23rd March 2018
  • 24th March to 22nd April 2018
  • 23rd April to 22nd May 2018
  • 23rd May to 21st June 2018
  • 22nd June to 21st July 2018
  • 22nd July to 20th August 2018
  • 21st August to 19th September 2018

Om Yoga International is a registered institution under the Government of India. All the courses offered are certified by the World Yoga Alliance. The students at our ashram get a serene and favorable atmosphere to learn yoga with the personal attention and guidance offered by the experts in the yoga philosophy. At our ashram, we provide a homely atmosphere to our students where facility of self-cooking is also provided. It is a proven fact that yoga is not just a physical exercise, but a complete lifestyle for the whole well-being.

Experience Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikesh – Haridwar, India

Rishikesh-Haridwar , one of the holy places on this planet surrounded by the Himalayan ranges and greenery, is free of pollution and is not a congested place, surrounded by the divine river Ganga is the perfect place for yogic activities

Sh. Radhika Sharan, lead trainer of all Yoga courses handles all the courses in his personal attention. He has a Yoga experience of more than 17 years and has enough information about yogic philosophy and spirituality. He is a personal instructor for Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Advanced Meditation Techniques

Shri Radhika Sharan

Sh. Radhika Sharan, Founder and President

yoga teacher training center india
yoga teacher training center india
yoga teacher training center india
yoga teacher training center india
yoga teacher training center india
yoga teacher training center india


Happy Students

I have completed my 200hr Teacher Training program in the month of April 2014. It was such a wonderful experience for me. After the course, I could really feel changes in me and my behavior. Before, I use to get angry very easily. But, as for now I have gained enough control over my anger. My thought for Yoga before was only restricted to physical exercise like normally people think. But, After studying Yoga theory classes here which are based on real Indian ancient , I understood Yoga is much more than this…It goes beyond physical fitness to deep within us...
It is an answer for all the questions of our life. It is a real way to study about what life is and how to live a happy life. For this, I would like to thanks all my teachers of Om Yoga that they cooperated with me in all the respects…Their way of teaching is so wonderful and easy that it is easy to understand. I am really looking forward to come here again for the further courses as well.

Yuki Miyata Student

I have completed my Indian Traditional Ashtanga and Hatha 200hr Yoga Teacher Training here in the month of July 2014. Before here, I had attended the Yoga classes in Rishikesh. But, the teacher who taught me Yoga there disheartened me morally. I was really disappointed there. But, as now I have completed my course here, I could see that how nicely the teachers have cooperated with me and supported me morally. They helped me to gain self- confidence and also helped me in each and every step which I was unable to follow.. And the result is that Asanas which I was unable to do in the beginning, now I can do them very easily and much better. I would like to thanks the team of Om yoga Center for making me feel comfortable here…And, it will be my immense pleasure to come here and attend the further courses again..

Ayaka Uozumi Student

I have completed my 200hr Teacher Training program here in the month of July2014. By profession, I am a cook and I didn’t knew anything about Yoga before coming here. But, now after completion of 1 and half month course, I have gained much knowledge on Yoga. I felt extremely good after completing the course..And, now I want to make my profession as Yoga only and want to come here further for the advance course… All thanks to the team of Om Yoga center..

Kosuke Sawabe Student

I've got a certificate of 500hr Teacher Training program, in first slot I completed 300hr from Feb 2015 to Mar 2015 and later slot, I completed another 200hr training in the month of Oct 2016.
First It was a little bit hard for me because I was a beginner and I couldn't understand their English well(as I'm Japanese) but teachers kept to have efforts to tell me Yoga properly. This is the best part of here. So I could keep trying a lot with sufficient motivation. I knew Yoga as just exercising, but they teached me beyond it.
I could say I became better and healthier , physically and mentally. Above all, teachers have truly Yoga mind and they have good relationships each other. So I believe them and Yoga which is taught by them properly.
Thank you for all you've done for me.
"Practice makes a man perfect"
"Don't forget to smile today"

Aya Ueha Student

I have completed 300hr Yoga teacher training here. Ashram is located at such a peaceful place that I was so overwhelmed by my stay at such a pleasant place. Rooms are so clean and spacious and well-ventilated. Food provided is fresh and hygienic and purely sattvic food. All people staying here are so kind and cooperative.
Regarding my Yoga experience, before I didn’t know correctly what is Yoga? For me it was not more than exercise. But now, after completing the course, I can say clearly ,”Yoga is life” because yoga focuses on our body and mind and more than that, inner self. At last, I can only say that my life changed, and sparked by understanding Yoga, and meeting so nice Yoga teachers of OmYoga.

Saki Takagi Student